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The Power
To Change Everything

In The Power to Change Everything Casey reveals how you too can overcome significant obstacles and succeed. He starts with Gratitude, which is his superpower. I don’t believe we’ve ever had a session where he failed to show gratitude. Don’t hear me wrong, Casey has plenty of areas of his life he is attempting to improve. But in this part of the journey, he’s done exceptionally well.

- Aaron Walker
View from the Top

About Casey

Casey Elkins is a husband, father, business owner, college professor, and IRONMAN World Championship competitor. After a near death experience, Casey transformed his life and lost nearly 100 pounds, on his way to competing in over a dozen IRONMAN Triathlons.

The founder and owner of Restoration Health and Wellness in Mobile, Alabama, Casey has a doctorate degree in nursing, two masters degrees and devotes his professional life to inspiring others to implement healthy lifestyle changes.

In addition to his IRONMAN performances, Casey has completed numerous marathons and other endurance sports events.

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